A Place for DANNY to Document

My goal is to do some documenting of things I do so I have a place to process while also sharing the intel with others so maybe it can help them.

Things Coming

Recommended Shows

Theory of Constraints

Also known as TOC. I learned about this concept by listening to an amazing book, The Goal by Eli Goldrat. The book was recommended to me by a dear friend Mike Rounds. I’ll never forget the moment. We were in the steps of the Indoor Paintball Arena I ran. Cashflow hadn’t been what we needed it to be, and after talking with Mike a bit he recommended the book. I’ve now listened to it. O less than 10 times, with my first listen being about 10 years ago. I now view a majority of things throhhh the TOC lens. The Goal is also one of the best audiobooks I’ve ever listened to. It has different voices for the all characters, sounds integrated, and more. It’s 10/10 on production.

What I Will Use The Site for…

Lots of stuff, but here are some thing

Audible Library

I will make a section to reflect and rate the books I’ve listened to, likely at 1.5x speed, and what I think about them.

Books I’ve Read

I want to read more physical books, so I will start documenting them here.